Official 1/7 Scale Mona “Astral Reflection” Figure

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    Dive into the mystical realm of astrology and hydro magic with the mesmerizing 1/7th scale Mona Figure, a true masterpiece that captures the essence of Genshin Impact’s enigmatic astrologist. Standing at approximately 25cm tall, this meticulously crafted collectible brings Mona’s captivating presence to life with exquisite attention to detail. Adorned in her signature celestial attire, Mona is sculpted with impeccable precision, from the intricate patterns on her robes to the delicate folds of her clothing. Her graceful pose and confident expression perfectly reflect her mysterious and alluring personality, making her a captivating centerpiece for any collection. Unlock the secrets of the stars and add a touch of mystique to your collection with this stunning Mona Figure. Whether you’re a fan of Genshin Impact or simply captivated by Mona’s enigmatic charm, this collectible is a must-have for any devoted collector. Experience the allure of the astrologist and let her celestial presence elevate your display to new heights.

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    Weight0.4 kg
    Dimensions31.5 × 22 × 19 cm

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